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Monthly Archives: August 2010

I get to update Ryan’s blog one more time before he takes over his own blog again. I enjoy writing in Ryan’s blog while he’s at sea, although Ryan is more humorous than I ;).

Couple of questions people have asked me are how do Mini sailors communicate when offshore?

Minis are equipped with a VHF with the ability to also hear air traffic overhead or within so many miles. Typically the VHF is only good for a limited range . They are also equipped with a SSB (single side band) which can receive transmissions based on certain frequencies that must be dialed in to receive incoming transmissions. The Classe does not use Satellite phones.

Ryan will update you on Leg 2 shortly, but below is a quick update.

Ryan arrived back in France early in the morning on Thursday 2 AM French time. He detoured to Lorient versus Les Sables after losing battery power from overcast skies limiting the charging of the batteries from solar power for days. Ryan hand steered for 3+ days. The port running backstay broke early in Leg 2 causing Ryan to head North to calmer seas to try to fix where he was becalmed for a while. With the port running backstay not working, a starboard tack was preferred to keep the mast upright.  That along with a few other technical difficulties caused Ryan to head back to his home base in Lorient to make repairs.

Ryan’s French fans sent him the following photo. They said they will be ready on the pontoons next time.

~ Beth



Special thanks to the Portuguese Navy! for checking on Ryan’s safety.

Ryan had taken a Northern route on Leg 2 away from the fleet. Yesterday there was concern because Ryan’s boat slowed down considerably. Winds had lightened but later picked up and Ryan’s lack of boat speed at 2 knots caused considerable concern that Myrna or Ryan may have suffered damage or injury. Race organizers tried to contact Ryan by radio and could not.

The following update was posted on the Les Sable Les Acores race website:

With technical concern, that Ryan had not answered the calls of the direction of race, requiring of him to activate its beacon to announce that all went well on board. After having asked for the sailing ship White Hermine of divert itself on its position, the director decided to inform the MRCC of Bridged Delgada of the situation. The Portuguese Navy immediately sent a plane on zone which contacted the American skipper. Obviously, all goes well on board. The boat is not démâté (damaged) and is not travelled towards sands of Olonne. False alarm… It is once more necessary to note the effectiveness and the reaction speed of the MRCC of Bridged Delgada which already showed in other circumstances, the relevance of its action around the archipelago of the Azores.

The good news is that Ryan is safe and Mryna appears in one piece.  Ryan has since picked up some speed so I am sure Ryan is working to fix any mechanical issues that are hampering his speed.  We look forward to Ryan’s report as soon as available.

Currently Ryan is 44 0 31.80 N   18 043.08W  at 6.7 knots heading East. 

Special Thanks again to Classe Mini, the Vessel White Hermine and the Portuguese Navy for their help!!

U.S. Shore Team ~ Beth


Thanks to the photographer Chris Breschi for the arrival photos in Horta…
Ryan’s Leg 1 Recap
I was going well, but I just broke more important stuff during the race. Old boats do that. I lost my port rudder 500 miles from the finish, and had to sail the rest of the way in slowly so that the windward rudder stayed in the water. It was starboard tack the whole way. I have an article for sure though. My last race in this boat, and I just keep breaking shit. However, I was aiming for 10th place, as tenth in this boat means I can win in a new boat, and I am sure I would have hit that mark before this happened. I still have one last leg, and I am not going to throttle back just because the boat doesn’t want to go fast. I think we did 250 miles in 24 hours leaving Finistere, and am trying to verify that.

Leg 2 starts today August 17th.

Don't Break ANYTHING!!

                                                                                                                                                             Ryan finishes Leg 1 of the Les Sables Les Acores Race today at 8:40 AM Horta time finishing 14th in 7 days 20 hours 53 minutes. Looking forward to Ryan’s report after he catches up on sleep.

Attached is the race tracking map with Ryan’s approach to the finish.

French photographer & US sailing supporter, Laurence Caille took these great shots today of Ryan leaving the canal in Les Sables. Will post more photos as we receive. Currently Ryan is in 12th position choosing a course farther North of the fleet heading to the South West.