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Ryan started the Mini Pavois in 25 knot conditions off La Rochelle, France. When I checked Ryan’s position that morning U.S. time Ryan was in 7th place.

I then find out from the Grand Pavois that Ryan is headed back to La Rochelle for repairs with auto pilot issues, a main sail batten and running backstay issues. After learning Ryan has 12 hours to restart or end with a DNF we frantically try to find out if Ryan needs any help to get back in the game. Thinking his cell phone must have been flooded out from carnage we put out an onshore RRM to help Repair Ryan’s Mini!

We later learn after calling everyone but the French Foreign Legion, that Ryan has made the needed repairs to his auto pilot and is now back on the race course sprinting to Gijon, Spain. Knowing  he has to make it before the winds are forecast to drop to nothing.

After arriving in Gijon his cell phone has now dried out and is working from the windy trip across the Bay of Bisacy. Ryan calls home to the team to say  that he is now searching for a welder to fix the bow sprit from the large hammerhead shark, who hit him head on after Myrna broached from the auto pilot failure off the coast of France. Fixing the sprit is critical to Ryan being competative in the next Leg if he needs to use his spinnaker. Luckily, Ryan is able to fix over the weekend.

For Ryan’s side of the story check out Sailing Anarchy’s article.  “I Saw A Shark”

Leg 2 was postponed until today, May 10th because of Sunday’s forecast of gale force winds.

Ryan restarted Leg 2 today in light winds but this time all of the competitors also had light winds. You can follow Ryan’s progress on the 2010 Mini Pavois race tracker website   Go Ryan Go!

team member, Beth

Shark damage


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