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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I’ve been preparing like mad for the Mini Pavois and trying to get as much done with preparations for food gear etc as I can from land.  I even stopped drinking coffee and started wearing a watch!  I’ve literally plotted 862 waypoints in my gps in the past few weeks.  That’s a lot of sitting around the house with dividers pouring over charts.  

I’ve also been getting the apartment ready for my departure stowing stuff and cleaning up, so that when I finish Pavois I can grab my bags and make my way to Paris to catch my aero-plane back to Louisiana. 

I’m nervous about the race, but trying to keep cool.  I know the competition will be very high, so I have to be very well prepared for this event, and am doing a lot of the work now so I can relax before the start, or at least so I will have time before the start to deal with surprise paper work and the like.  Who knows. 

I went sailing on Myrna with my friend Thomas yesterday.  As usual she was a rock.  I am home on that boat, and she feels like a truck compared to a few of the other minis I’ve sailed on.  I don’t know if that’s good for speed, but it’s good for avoiding fatigue which is always good.  My goal for this race is to stay up with the more experienced mini sailors in the fleet, and to not stress too much about it.  So at least I have a boat I’m comfortable sailing pretty hard and is pretty forgiving as far as steering is concerned.  I think skiff sailors would hate it, because you hardly have to move the helm at all when you are driving.  I’m just praying there is wind.  The Bay of Biscay has been lacking breeze lately, and makes for some really tedious sailing. 

More later from Lorient.



We have moved to Lorient because it’s easier to run a mini there than in La Trinite which has become a place for picnic boats more than racing boats.  It’s a shame, but there you go. 

So I’m in Lorient and the scene is pretty amazing with minis and other solo boats all around.  It’s also really easy to find help here because there is always someone walking around who needs your help as much as you need theirs.  I’m at AOS which is a logistics company for Farr 30’s Minis and Figaros, and it’s really handy with all the things mentioned above.  The only thing we are missing is group therapy.

So today I’m helping Dan Dytch with his boat, and we may go sailing to prepare for the Demi-Cle race which starts on Saturday.  It’s doublehanded and short, and we should have a good time with it.  If you have time, check out his blog at:

Also, my newest sponsor, Sailing Anarchy, just published an article that I wrote about my approach to this campaign, and most importantly me asking for money or emotional support.  A match made in heaven.

Check it out:

Got to run out and reduce this work list.