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So I’m talking to my girlfriend, M5K because she’s 5,000 miles away, and we get to a point where the conversation either has to end or I need to buy a plane ticket and fly back to NOLA, (not exactly in the RFOR budget).  So we hang up, I try to write a bit, and then decide I could use a beer.  Now you have to understand that I am in a very small town that hardly a soul during the daytime, and certainly nobody is out at night.  It’s so off season that I can’t even buy bread here without a bit of luck.  Anyway, I remember seeing a bar when I was on a bike ride yesterday, so I walk over to see if it’s open.  If it’s not, no big deal, I’ll just file it under “went for a walk”. 

It’s open.  However besides the woman behind the bar I’m the only person in there.  There is entirely too much light, too many chairs, too many parlor games and way too much disco playing for this place to be so empty.  I had no idea why she was still open this late, except for she was bar deep into a book of Sudoku puzzles, which is the simplest way for modern woman to announce that their reproductive system is no longer necessary.  So I order a beer, pretend to be interested in some of the posters on the wall advertising a circus that came to town seven years ago, and then go about trying to look busy with my cell phone, so I wouldn’t seem as out of place as I really was.  A minute passes.  I can’t stand it.  I ask her the postal code for Locmariaquer to fill in the final part of the puzzle that is my home address, then slam my Amstel Light and get out of there as quickly as I can.  I don’t even think she noticed me leave.

It’s good to be back home, I mean online.



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