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I’m waiting for some equipment to come from the United States of America!  The land of the free, home of the brave!  A bald eagle soars above me.  We make eye contact and he winks at me and gestures firing a pistol.  I smile and salute, feet firmly planted on the ground, though I am soaring inside.  Or maybe it’s just that I’m recovering from a stomach flu, which most definitely took place on the inside of me, with featured improv performances on the outside, but that’s not here or there.  Is it?

I’m also waiting for next week.  I will be bringing Myrna Minkoff inside for a bottom job.  I’ve got to wait first for the guys at Technologie Marine to finish a project they are working on.  The weather here is really crap, so there’s not much I can do towards that goal until I’m inside. 

I’m really excited to get the new rigging on the mast.  I visited the mast yesterday, which is hanging in a storage building on the property.  I was glad to see it’s in perfect order, just as I left it, except it’s been pushed even further out of harms way to accommodate a mold the built for a Multi 50′ trimaran ama.  So I was pleased to see it was safe, but have no idea how I’m going to get it down with the mold there. 

Here is Code Pi:  The new screecher from Ullman Sails.  I’m super pumped!

I have a new sponsor to introduce, soon.  I’m working on a little project for them now.

More later.



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