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Dear Blog,

How’s it going?  Remember that time we did all that stuff together!  How’s your mother?  AARRGH!  Forget your mother, I just miss you so bad!  I’ve tried Tweeting and Facebooking and forum trolling, but none of them are good like you were, and none of them inspired me to love like you did.  I guess what I’m saying is, will you take me back?  I’ve changed I swear.

Your you,


 P.S. Sorry I brought up your mother again.  I really do like her Jello salad.

Anyway,   I’m back in Locmariaquer, which is in the greater La Trinite area.  I flew in yesterday, and as usual I’ve damaged my sleep cycle by “just taking a quick nap” after lunch today.  I awoke at 4:30 pm and now I’m going to have to stay in bed with the lights out, clinching my eyes closed as if it were a way to trick my body into falling asleep.  It’s not going to work, and I know it going in. 

 Tomorrow I will be visiting Ms. Minkoff, and hopefully she is exactly as I left her.  I’ll clean her up a bit and then get to work tweaking some of the deck hardware with new stuff from Lewmar, and then I’ll look at doing the bottom again.  E-paint has sent me two gallons of ZO-HP bottom paint, and this time I’m going to put both gallons on to get max coverage and so I can sand it nice and smooth without worrying about removing too much paint. 

 I have a little repair underneath the bow to fix from where I hit something during my last race.  Hopefully it will not require too much grinding.  It’s a little aggravating that it has to happen, but par for the course.  

 It’s pretty cold here right now, and there is nobody around.  Stores close early and if you see someone, you are seeing a local.  So it’s nice in quiet in La Trinite right now, and the complete opposite of New Orleans, where it’s mostly out of town people and everything is exploding with excitement. 

 I wish I could have been there to see the Saints parade.  Watching them win the Superbowl was really amazing, and I’m glad I stuck around for what really was a once in a lifetime event.  It’s not every day that you get to see someone break a 40+ year losing streak!  Amazing.  I flew out the next day, and when I was in line (a very long line) there were literally two women in front of me and two behind who had reduced their speaking voices to a raspy whisper because of the amount of yelling they were doing during the game.  They were not the only Saints fans I met that had lost their voices that day.  It’s evidence of what an exciting time this is for NOLA. 

 More later.



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