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It’s hard to convey how much fun I’ve been having being back in Louisiana without Myrna.  Last time I was here I was going insane working around the clock to get her ready to go to France.  All of my friends were here too, but I was too busy to see them.  It was not a good time in many, many ways.   This time I’ve made up for it, and inevitably fallen back in love with New Orleans.  It’s just an extremely fun place, especially these days with the Saints going to the Superbowl and Mardi Gras bubbling up from every pothole in the city.  I love being from here.

That being said, I’m excited to get back to FR to get on the water.  Actually very excited to do some real sailing again.  I’ve got a few little jobs to do on Myrna when I get back, the most significant being changing the standing rigging from steel to Dynex Dux from one of my new sponsors, Colligo Marine .  This will save a lot of weight aloft allowing me to sail with a bit more sail up than usual. 

I’m also hugely excited to hoist some of the new sails I’ve built at Ullman Sails Gulfcoast.  We’ve built a Code 5 for tight reaching in light to moderate breeze and also to use as a downwind sail in winds above 30 knots.  It’s essentially a very flat spinnaker with mystical powers. 

At the moment I’m finishing up a new screecher that Dave Ullman designed last week.  It’s a slight development of the screecher I used in my last two races.  Most notably it’s a higher aspect sail built from a lighter material from Dimension Polyant .  It has a very interesting luff curve to accomodate luff sag, and we jokingly refer to it as the Code PI.  I’ll post pictures later (as soon as I find the freaking camera cable). 

So I have one more week in the States and then I’m off to Paris, basically, because I want to watch the Saints at the Superbowl with my people.  People who are freaking out about the Saints right now.  It’s not like they are just talking about them all the time, it’s more like brain damage.  You drive around New Orleans and there are literally people all over the place yelling Who Dat! for no reason.  It’s awesome.  Combine that with Mardi Gras season, and I the brain damage case is even stronger.  I’m not far from it myself right now, and basically I have to leave before I too transform into little more than a drooling digestive tract that yells a lot. 

I’ll be back in May after the 800 mile Mini Pavois. 

SPONSOR PLUG!   This edition, Columbia Sportswear and Ullman Sails.  POW!

Sadly, those sun glasses are no longer with us.

More later.



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