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And it feels good.  Winter is approaching here and the weather is cooling a bit.  The delivery to Sotogrande from Sardinia was very easy, if not boring at times.  A lot of motoring in the middle of the Med with the last bit from the eastern part of Spain to Gibraltar downwind in light air.  We did quite a bit of spinnaker sailing along the coast in lovely conditions that are worthy of one of the biggest gay-ball songs ever written.  In fact I made a video of our trip along Spain.


Gibraltar was really amazing though.  I will look for any excuse to visit again.  Here are som pictures from the top.


Here is the ridge view of clouds being launched from the windward side into vortices.  Very cool to watch in motion.


Here is Dee with the clouds flying into the Atlantic side.  They are not going slowly either.


I’m going to Paris tomorrow as a guest of Lablee family for a fun wedding at a castle.  There is rumored to be a pony and all kinds of good stuff. 



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  1. mate, careful with the Christopher Cross comments, Ryan loves that music 🙂

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