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I’ve spent the last couple days packing up my friend Arnaud’s apartment, and cleaning his car so that when his family comes out to visit they will not be too shocked to see the amount of crap I have stacked in the downstairs bedroom.  I moved there a little over a week ago.  It’s near La Trinite in a small town named Locmariaquer  (pronounced: lock-my-yack- care).  It’s beautiful and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It’s the first time in years I’ve lived alone, and I was enjoying it.  However I won’t be back there until the middle of the winter. 

The other part of this equation was packing the boat up.  She is tidily packed away at Charlie’s place with all the loose deck hardware off, boom and bowsprit down below, tape on everything that needs UV covers, winches and clutches covered and the mast safely hanging inside a small warehouse attached to Technologie Marine.  So that’s all good.


I have been spending my spare time with France Birch, Mike’s wife and the mother of my friend Tifenn.  The three of them have been and continue to be extremely helpful to me here in France, and have been great company to boot. 

France is in town visiting her apartment and working to get some visas for a music group from the Dominican Republic.  She’s been working with them for a couple years now.  Anyway, the point of this is that we’ve been eating a lot of Oysters at lunch time, and they are getting really good.  I’m guessing it’s a result of the season changing and the winter approaching.  The one’s I had earlier this summer didn’t even compare to oysters in Louisiana when they are in season.  The same can be said for the one’s I’ve been eating lately.  When I get back to Louisiana I’ll have to do some more measured tests.  Lie detectors, sensory deprivation, stenographers wearing blindfolds: that kind of thing. 

So now I’m in Paris, and Tifenn and I leave from here to go to Athens to meet my friend Dee at the boat.  Dee’s flying in from NOLA, and she’s sailed on the boat quite a bit.  I think it’s just the three of us for this delivery to Gibraltar, because my Dad may have to get back to the States for a little while.  It’s been six months for him on the boat, so…


More on this later.



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