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I’m glued to this race right now.  If you had told me it was possible for a series boat to lead the MT fleet I would have never believed it, but that is happening under the relentless attack of Francisco Loboto.  There is really no excuse unless the protos are holding back to be conservative.  The boat’s Francisco is in front of  right now cost 3-4 times as much, weigh as much as 500 lbs less, have taller lighter masts and deeper keels and are all carbon fiber.  I won’t even mention the canting keel advantage, because even down wind it’s significant.  So basically what he is doing is really phenomenal and inspiring.  This is a battle of mental strength and he is winning on many levels.  It’s like “Scanners” where if you look at him he’ll make your head blow up.  That’s what’s happening offshore right now.

Now that I’ve mentioned my enthusiasm for Francisco’s work he’s bound to break something.  Therefore I’m not including a link to the race.  You know, the rules of superstition and stuff.

Okay, enough of that.  What’s happening with Myrna?   Tomorrow I’m taking the mast down and bringing the boat to Charlie’s, Technologie Marine to get a bottom job.  I’m also going to prepare the boat for a new sponsor who is supplying synthetic rigging which is way freaking lighter than the steel stuff that’s up now.  I’ll mention them when we have the details ironed out.  

 I’ll take the weight savings aloft and remove the equivalent from the bulb to lighten the boat a bit more.  Than I’ll add more sail area with the new main and jib, because I think we can get away with it.  I’m not the type of person to say I like pushing my boat or going “balls out”, or decorating the walls with balls or something to do with balls, but I know what my boat wants and for some reason she likes having a lot of sail up.  I’m hoping to better define an “edge” by lightening the boat a bit and adding a smidge more upwind sail area.  Plus it will be fun to drill holes in the bulb. 

I’m going to Paris on the 18th or so to visit, then I fly out Athens maybe? to help my Dad deliver his boat to Spain.  He’s out of crew and as usual I get the tap.  It will be fun to see him.  We always have a good time sailing together and arguing about what sails to put up.  Then he tries to convince me that he’s preparing “the best steaks ever” and comes on deck with these black things that are oozing a mixture of blood and oil all over the place.  The bleeding grease shanks are usually followed up with a warm Red Dog, and as boredom mixes with beer I’ll start to joke with him about how he destroyed my childhood, because it always gets a reaction.  Inevitably we both end up laughing our asses off about it, because we both know wouldn’t change a thing, even if we could.  I’ll do an interview with him for those who don’t know him.  I leave for that trip on the 23rd. 


P.S. I am not sponsored by AIG.  That was a joke.  I’m actually sponsored by Blackwater USA with logistics and catering supplied by the CIA. 

P.S.2 I like this picture by Bruno Bouvry


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