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This included removing the entire system, bringing it home with a battery and troubleshooting it in my bedroom.  Then I removed the Rudder Reference Unit and smashed it with a hammer to see what was inside (encapsulated in an epoxy block).  Figured out which wires were what, found some corrosion, and jury rigged another brand’s RRU to make sure that was the problem.  Then today, I went to Lorient and went on a hunt for a part that is no longer in production, AND I FOUND IT!  Came back to the boat, replaced all of the wiring, hooked it all up and presto, it’s all better.  So I’m looking to go sailing tomorrow.  I have a bunch of little things to do first to prepare for my trip to Port Medoc, which is where the race starts from.  There is apparently nothing there, so I have to bring pretty much everything to make sure I can fix stuff.

That be all.



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