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I’m leaving tomorrow to bring a 90′ cruising yacht to Morocco.  This is to help fund living in France.  The Breymaier family made the contact for me.  They are such a fine people.

This should take a week and then I launch Myrna and go sailing.  Tifenn and I moved her downtown on Friday after doing some work at Technologie Marine.  I had pictures, but apparently someone stole my camera from the car, along with Myriam’s bicycle, while parked at Myriam’s house.  Could be a good time for Negativland to kick up “Myriam’s purse fund” again.  I’ll have my secretary send them an e-mail.

This means no pictures until I get a camera.  I think I have one in Louisiana.  I’ll call my secretary in Louisiana to see if it’s around.

Also my Dad came to visit.  He is on mega world tour and it was great to see him.  He seemed to have a really good time and we both gained weight.

I leave for Concarneau tomorrow morning to meet the boat.  All I know is it’s a new 90′ boat and there are four of us.  Besides the money it’s nice to meet new people, and by going to Morocco I renew my tourist visa for the EU.  All good.


P.S. I don’t really have a satelite secretaries.


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