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Ryan has recently received a new computer from his Mother, Dr. Abbe Finn, P.H.D., or “Doctor X” as she is known to RFOR.  The significance of this is that this computer has a disc drive which enabled Ryan or “Rybo” as Doctor X calls him, to load his Rosetta Stone program which contains the entire language of France, known as “French”.  So rather than spend time updating his blog, Ryan has been spending his time gently massaging this program into his cluttered and inefficient brain.

He would like you to see the stickers he put on his little boat, hold on, I need to look up the name… Myrna Minkoff?  That’s what it says.  His boat, Myrna Minkoff.

Blog# 588

Apparently he had been trying to get those big Ullman stickers to say on his sails, but nature would not allow it, so BAM!  on the side of the boat.  It says here that the Lewmar Sticker is also new.

Then there is this.  Personally I find this disturbing, but hey I just work here.Blog# 589

A Grim Reaper?  I think a Jesus fish would be more appropriate.  Oh, wait, it says here it’s was a sticker being sold for a cancer charity initiated by Tom Neill.  Interesting choice of characters.  Oh, apparently it’s an reference to Tom’s series of boats named “Nightmare” which had the GR as their mascot.  Take that Jesus fish!

Tempting fate or tickling it?  Beats me, I’m just filling in for the dude.

Your trusty companion,

Calypso Finn.


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